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October 18, 2011

crispy stuffed french toast.

This is a fabulous guest post on behalf of my suitemate, Andrea Poppiti. Enjoy!

Hello blogging world!!

I'm proud to call myself a borderline creepy admirer of this wonderful blog about food and life. Andrea's the name, and baking's the game. Well not so much the baking part. But my name is Andrea, and I'm one of Yatee's roommates (that's right, I get to eat a lot of the food you read about in her posts). Anyway, in all honesty, cooking is not really my forte; I consider myself to be more of an eater. But one afternoon when Yatee suggested we make some breakfast before class (an 8:55 physics lecture), I just couldn't say no to the opportunity, which leads me to this guest blogpost.

October 6, 2011

eclair cake.

Here we go with the desserts made from packaged food. And the lack of pictures (all will be uploaded later!)

School's been super busy. In a good way, I guess! I mean, exams suck. Work sucks. Traveling between campii (like nuclei & superior to campuses) sucks. But all the clubs, research, and classes are worth it!

Surprisingly, waking up at 6:30am after sleeping at 2am doesn't suck AS badly as I thought it might ... but that may have been because today was a good day otherwise. I'm part of a club called the Garden of Eden project whose mission is to seed, care for, and harvest crops to serve in the dining halls to Rutgers students. Right now we are just doing lettuce. Yup, lettuce. It's a pretty hot commodity .. I mean, the rhaze variety? And the Bambi? And don't even get me started on the Adriana .. actually those seeds are yellow, they're pretty.

Ok well it's been a long day & I should probably be sleeping but what would it be if not college if I stayed up for absolutely no reason other than to make that which I was always against (aka - a twitter) and write a blogpost for ya'll.

It would be real life, that's what, and when it comes, I hopefully won't be completely & utterly screwed, as I thought I would be for my orgo and physics exams this past Sunday. But I was able to check those grades and not want to gorge myself on bad dining hall food to satiate my sense of failure afterwards, so I mean, I'll be fine tomorrow after a massive amount of little sleep deprivation, right?

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